Yay Or Nay 42 – Club Orange Wingman TV Ad Hurts My Brain

Club Orange ‘The Ultimate Wingman’ Tv Ad

Have a watch of this one. The Ultimate Wingman, indeed. It only last 40 seconds. 40 too many, but sure watch it anyway.

This is awful.

For me, this is a prime example of being weird for the sake of being weird. The agency are trying too hard here. The client should never have been convinced that this was a good idea.

They probably all thought the whole ‘We’ll build a character for the campaign. People love characters.’, thing would work well. It does sometimes. It doesn’t this time.

The meerkats have a lot to answer for this ‘character holy grail’ a lot of agencies and brands seem to be grasping for.

It’s trying WAY too hard and falls very short.

The Ultimate Wingman is a bad idea.

To be fair, Club Orange have form with going with things that ‘should work’ and then generally just seem to annoy people .

Remember the ‘best bits’ campaign? Here, refresh your memory. I, like most men, don’t mind some good looking women in advertising but this campaign was just annoying.

Am I wrong?

Is this a good ad?


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