Yay Or Nay 39 – Danny Trejo In A F*cking Fajita Ad

Danny Trejo for Old El Paso in ‘Together Is Bueno’

Watch. This. It’s Danny Trejo. In an ad.

I like this.

I like this because it’s got Danny Trejo in it.

The end.

Ok. That’s not the end. It could be though, coz an ad with Danny Trejo in it is obviously a good thing.

I’ve been a fan of Mr. Trejo for many moons and it’s funny seeing him in an ad.

I like how they play on his persona in the ad a bit.

P.S. there is more from Mr. Trejo over on Old El Paso’s UK YouTube site.

P.P.S. here’s a little gallery of how we’re used to seeing Mr. Trejo

Do YOU like it?

If not, then what’s wrong with you (it)?


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