Yay Or Nay 38 – First Direct TV Ad Is Abstractly Direct

First Direct ‘The Unexpected Bank’

Check out this TV spot First Direct in the UK have put out. They’re a bank and are seeking to set themselves apart because they do things differently. I can appreciate that.

I like it.

It works, somehow. It’s odd but doesn’t seem OVERLY odd, to me. Like, it’s not smacking of ‘weird for the sake of being weird’. It’s JUST weird enough to work, I think.

There’s also an air of the ad not taking itself too seriously, which is good.

Here’s the extended, full version of the ad from First Direct’s YouTube Channel.

They’ve also got some bloopers and outtake videos on their YouTube channel which I think is a nice little touch. It helps it transcend the advertising medium a little bit, moving into the short story / movie type of world. Sort of.

Do you like it?

Do YOU think it’s too weird?


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