Yay Or Nay 34 – GAA Can’t Expect Much From Campaign

GAA ‘Unexpect the expected’ campaign

Dear GAA, In the name of all that’s good in the world, what is ‘unexpected the expected’?!

It’s awful, is what it is.

What’s more is I’m sure someone thinks they’re very clever too, having come up with that nonsense. That’s the worrying bit.

gaa unexpect the expected

This campaign has actually being annoying me for ages. I’m not sure why I’m only getting around to including it in a Yay or Nay post now.

It’s weak. It’s weak and annoying and I really wonder what level of effectiveness its happening for them.

To be fair, I’m not the only one who doesn’t have any love for this one. Check out some of the reaction on Twitter.

With the end of the #GAA National League this weekend, hopefully we can consign that “unexpect the expected” slogan to history? Awful!!
Aiden Corkery

Last day of “Unexpect the expected” tomorrow #ThankChrist #GAA

‘Unexpect the expected’ sounds so retarded #NationalLeague
Tom Murphy

The folks at balls.ie weren’t overly impressed either, I notice.

Actually, that tweet above from @UnofficialGAA leads me to believe the campaign is over. Is it?! That’d be super, if so.

Be gone bad GAA effort.

Am I being too harsh?


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