Yay Or Nay 33 – Did Bulmers Miss The Bullseye?

New TV spot for Bulmers.

Bad, Bulmers. Bad.

What is he trying to say?Bulmers

What’s the point?

What’s the message, Bulmers?

It’s all a bit to pretentious for me.

I don’t like it.

I don’t like the script. It smacks of trying to be too clever. It reminds me of the Irish Times ‘Story of Why’ crap that I posted about a while back.

It’s all abstract and cool and provocative and makes the viewer think. . .no. It does none of that. Well, that’s not true. It DOES make the viewer think. It makes THIS viewer think ‘that’s not great, now is it?’

I also don’t think the actor chosen is a great representation for the brand.

I’ve had a few people express how they feel he’s a bit ‘slimey’ or ‘a bit of a ‘greaseball’ and I have to say I probably agree. That was hardly the intention, was it?

Bulmers brand image is built on the likes of the image of the bottles and the ice and refreshment etc. Why involve a scruffy looking ‘slimey’ actor?bulmers-cider

The campaign is called ‘Now Is A Good Time’ and I’d have to disagree.

It’s not a good time to be Bulmers creative agency as I’d like to think they’d be admonished for this one. Maybe not though. Ad world is a mad world.

Care to disagree?

Am I wrong?


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  • Couldn’t agree more… I saw the ad for the first time a couple of nights ago and there were 2 things about the ad that I did not like.

    First of all, as you mentioned above, the actor hired for the ad is not a good representation of the brand.

    The other point was that the ad was not your standard Bulmers ad. I didn’t really know what the product been advertised was until towards the end.

    I usually think the Bulmers ads are some of the better ones on the television but this one was not one of them

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