Yay Or Nay 30 – Magnum TV Ad Is Infinitely Shit

Check out this Magnum Infinity TV ad.

Magnum Infinity

Now accept my apologies for subjecting you to it. Here’s a video of some cute cats to make up for it or over here are some sexy models. You choose. I’m sorry.

The good news, sparse as it is, is that the actual ad you may be unfortunate enough to see on the tellybox is half the length of the full one above.

This ad is terrible.

It. Does. Not. Grow. Back. I can’t say it any simpler than that .

It does not grow back. Why do ads saying it does? Focus on the ACTUAL attributes you’re trying to sell it on. Whatever they were.

I know they were NOT that it actually grows back. It doesn’t. It can’t.


Have YOU found a magic Magnum Infinity ice cream that DOES grow back?

Do you LIKE the ad? Weirdo. . .



  • It’s another example of “Well what we were trying to convey was..” but it not working out at all, I believe they were attempting to emphasise the fact the taste will “stay with you longer” but this is not done well and the stupid look on her face at the end just ruins it for everyone..although I do now want Ice Cream..also who just bites a good third of an ice cream in one go?

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