Yay Or Nay 29 – HSBC Still Making Lemonade

This is another ad in the HSBC lemonade series.

You may recall an earlier Yay Or Nay post I did entitled ‘Yay Or Nay -If Life Gives You Lemons – HSBC’, featuring a little girl and a lemonade stall.

This is a follow-up TV spot.

HSBC Lemonade

The actual TV ad is a shortened version, but I figured I’d be good to you guys and give you the long version,

I basically wanted to share this one because I really like it.

I liked the first one and, for all the same reasons, I like this one.

The music is really good. It’s got a sort of comforting quality somehow? I’ve no idea how to explain that any better – sorry!

HSBC girlI still think the girl in the ad is fantastically well cast. She’s very cute and somehow she’s believable as the head of a global lemonade distribution business.

I actually think the voiceover is great too. The voice, I mean. Very well cast and, again, has some sort of comforting quality which marries well with the overall tone of the ad.

There’s actually also something nice about the fact that the girl’s father is accompanying her on the trip. It’s as if HSBC are saying ‘ya, we know this thing is a bit of a stretch but her Dad is minding her so run with it’, and we do.

I think HSBC are very clever to continue with this series of ads. Capitalising, effectively, when you’ve a winning formula is not easy but can often be the holy grail of advertising. Find something the public responds to and develop it so you get the benefit from it as long as possible.

Do you like these ads?

For that matter, do you like lemonade?


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