Entrepreneurship – Defining The Key To Success presentation (slides included)

I was delighted to be invited in to Dublin Business School  to speak to students from the Business & Event Management course and the Springboard program today.

The title I was given for the session was ‘Entrepreneurship – Defining The Key To Success’ which was always going to be a fun one.

Having to ‘…speak about my journey as an entrepreneur…’ was fun. I struggle to think of myself as an entrepreneur so I enjoyed charting my journey to where I’m at for this.

As per usual, my slides are simply visual cues for myself and, for the craic, I’ve actually decided not to amend the slides and include text in the upload below.

So, have a look. See can you figure out what I’m trying to say in the slides?

If there’s a large public outcry seeking texts for the slides (I doubt there will be) then I’ll sort that out.

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!

Do let me know what you think?



    • Hi Beatrice! I’m glad you like the look of the slides. I reckon I’ll have to put text to the slides alright. A few people have asked. I do like the mystery of just the pics though! Sets everyone’s brain in gear. ha

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