Yay or Nay 26 – Beyoncé da bomb? Or Beyoncé bombs?

So I recently wrote this post about O2′s sponsorships and the power of them.

I am, generally, a fan of O2 and their branding and marketing overall.

I can not, however, get on board with this Beyoncé travesty.

It’s awful. It screams of what I like to call ‘crock-of-shit creativity’. That’s when style FAR outweighs any semblance of substance.

And I’m a huge fan of pretty and shiny and such, so I’m all about style.

But it needs SOMETHING behind it.

This has nothing. Absolutely nothing.

The only thing you could say for it is that, if you’re going to go with the whole celebrity endorsement angle then they don’t come much bigger than Beyoncé, I guess.

It’s still shit.

Am I wrong?

Is it NOT shit?



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