The Power of O2 Sponsorships

Ire v Eng rugby

So I was at the Ireland versus England rugby match last weekend.

I watched a team sponsored by O2 beat another team sponsored by O2.

Then I drove back across the East Link past Ireland’s biggest concert venue, the O2 (formerly the Point Theatre).

All the time I was attempting to text and tweet on my O2 phone during the game with very little success. This is the same phone I regularly have to talk to the O2 customer service team on Twitter about as it keeps dropping 3g signal.

Now, how do you think I rate my ‘customer sentiment’ towards O2?

Very positive.

What does that tell you?



  • hmm… that is a consistent issue with all providers when at a match.. it rarely ever works…
    the local cells can support up to 20,000 phones at a time, but rarely ever do.

    • Cheers Hughie. It’s mad that one of the networks hasn’t sought to set themselves apart as the one who has full coverage at the O2 and Aviva, RDS etc. Probably too much money in infrastructure I guess. Nice angle for them though.

      • It wouldn’t pay them to do it. there are not enough events in the likes of the Aviva for them to make it commercially viable.

        From another view point. One of them could deploy a wireless network in the stadium and offer it free to all of their customers but charge customers of other networks for using it.

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