Good Squishy 17 – Good Tunes, Emails & The Super Drink

DJ Aidan Kelly with some niceness for your ears

To kick off our latest Good Squishy I’ve some great music.

Hit play and enjoy.

The mix is done by DJ Aidan Kelly who is a very accomplished DJ and photographer and is extremely active on the creative arts scene in Dublin.

I know Aidan from his days DJing in Soul Clinic back in the day in Limerick as well as in Solas here in Dublin.

He’s a great guy, he plays great tunes and he’s a great photographer too.

He’s also the first DJ we’ve signed exclusively to Cuckoo Events, coincidentally.

Great email newsletter service from

For a business like ours, emails are still a huge sales channel so we knew we needed some good software, at good value, that could churn out good-looking emails.

And so we ended up talking to Karl at and we haven’t looked back yet.

We find the software very easy to use and it affords us enough flexibility to put out different types of mails with different types of content and styling. They’re also an Irish company and are lovely to deal with.

We’d happily recommend them.

One of the elements of the service we really like is the reporting. The wealth of information we can glean from the analytics is impressive and informs subsequent campaigns and sales follow ups.

Here’s a screen grab of the main reporting screen for one of our campaigns.

Glo Trons Report

You can check out some of our emails by clicking below.

Here is one we did which is all videos and photos – PaintGlow Media Email

Here is one that was really text heavy and had a lot of info in it. I’m not saying emails should be this busy, as a rule, but this one, for us, needed to be and was done this way specifically to service a very particular market – RAG Weeks Email

If you’ve email needs give Karl a shout.

Diluted mix that hits the spot

I had to share this!

A friend of mine introduced me to this mixed diluted drink after I found out I was diabetic. It’s seriously nice.

diluted mix

It’s very sweet, which isn’t normally my thing, but when you feel like drinking something sweet, this definitely hits the spot.

While it TASTES very sweet, they both have no added sugar and a very low sugar content.

Here are the labels, if you don’t believe me.

diluted mix label 1

diluted mix label 2

Not much else to say. Try it.

 So did you like Aidan’s mix?

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